PFAPhyll: Heat exchanger coating

::: Excellent corrosion resistance :::

::: Low coefficient friction: excellent fouling resistance :::

::: Very good thermal conductivity :::

::: Excellent adhesion on the metallic substrate :::

::: Good mechanical properties: hardness, adhesion strength :::


NanoPhyll Inc. developed and manufactured PFAPhyll with specific focus on anti-corrosive and anti-fouling properties.The coating has been successfully applied to condensing heat exchangers to resist extremely corrosive environments at temperature up to 300 °C , and it also possesses excellent properties for fouling resistance.  The composite also has improved thermal conductivity  that is suitable for heat exchanger applications.


::: Very good thermal conductivity

::: Excellent corrosion resistance: 1500 hrs in 80% sulfuric acid (under cyclic heating/cooling conditions) up to 300 oC

::: Excellent adhesion on the metallic substrate (stainless steel and aluminium )

::: Good mechanical properties: hardness, adhesion strength )

::: Low coefficient friction comparable to virgin PFA making it desirable for fouling resistance 

::: Excellent surface smoothness (without pinholes)

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