::: Clean Verticals and horizontals

::: Longer maintenance cycles

::: Reduced wear and tear

::: Less labour intensive

::: Lighter cleaning products & systems

::: LEED and Green Building credits



• Coatings for deodorizing every accommodation

• Water based solution is non hazardous for humans and animals.

• Odorless while and after coating.

• Very short application time!

• Coated areas can immediately be used after treatment.

• Colorless with a very thin layer (0.2 micron).

• No covering and breath-protection needed during the coating.


• Effective prevention against air pollutions,viruses and germs

• Considerable reduction of the cleaning costs

• Photocatalytic aircleaning causes better air quality

• Reducing the renovation cost because of selfcleaning solution

• Healthy for people who has allergic problems

• Green Technology 

Examples of Target Application Market

Hospitals, Clinics, Elderly and Childcare

• Hotels, Entertainment and F&B Outlets

• Offices with Sick Building Syndrome and Allergy patrons

• Industrial Factories that Produces Toxics

• Residential with Health Concerns Patrons

• Green Buildings with Concerns of Lowering VOCs Counts

• Private and Public Transportations


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