ArchePhyll: Anti-Graffiti

::: Easy-to-Clean, Chemical Resistance :::

::: Clear and durable :::

::: Permanent and non-damaging :::

::: Low VOC :::

::: Interior and exterior application ::: 

::: Resists staining, UV, weather :::

::: Quick drying time, easy to apply ::: 


NanoPhyll, antigraffiti is a green treatment for use on concrete, brick, painted wall, concrete masonry units and natural stone. ArchePhyll  protects surfaces to allow easy removal of a wide variety of graffiti, including spray paint, permanent marker, ink, bituminous paints, asphalt sealers, and other solvent or waterborne paints. Because of ArchePhyll’s superior performance, standard nonhazardous cleaners and low-pressure waterblasting are sufficient removal methods for most graffiti.


-Remove graffiti more cheaply and easily with ArchePhyll Coatings

-Gloss can be controlled by matting agents

-Application of AchePhyll coatings can be made by conventional tools

-ArchePhyll coatings can be formulated in both clear and pigmented forms

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